Las Vegas: Sin City For The Tame At Heart

In addition to the many restaurants, there is also a nightlife here. The Blue Martini and The Grape both offer live entertainment, and the Yard House has a great selection of beer and food to go with it. Town Square is simply worth seeing, and is an easy way to get away from The Strip, without actually leaving Las vegas Boulevard.

In these shops, you are going to find some highly fashionable stuff. These clothes are definitely going to fit in with the lifestyle of Las Vegas. Surely, there will be something there that will suit you.

Apart from hotels there are also shopping malls such as Bally’s Shopping Arcade, fashion show mall and many others. If you have enough time to move around then ‘Golden Open Air Museum’ and ‘Neon Museum’ will be good options to visit. The Neon museum portraits the history of neon lights in Las Vegas.

Hiking is great fun in the desert. Just be sure you have all the vital equipment. Just outside of Las Vegas to the west is Red Rock National Park. Here is natural desert beauty with many hiking trails, rock climbing and natural viewing area. To the north east you have Valley of Fire State Park. This is large are filled with hiking, picnic area and many natural rock formations. You hike or drive through the Valley of Fire.

Transportation Around town – Las vegas streets are laid out in a grid pattern so it is very easy to get around if you are driving. Rush hour is around 3 p.m. as that is when the casino staff changes shift. Avoid Interstate 15 at that time. If you are staying in a Strip hotel and confining your activities to that area, there is no reason to bother with a rental car. The public buses are great and there is a special double decker bus called the “Deuce” which travels up and down Las Vegas Blvd. (the Strip) 24 hours a day. The fare is one way but you can get a ticket that is good for a 24 hour period for unlimited travel.

For this reason, casinos always feature a variety of shopping options, like boutiques, in their retail arcades. When you need a break from walking the floor, or perhaps need to take a walk after sitting a few hours at a table, check out the shops.

Last time we were in Las vegas we had the pleasure of catching this show. If you are unaware of what Cirque Du Soleil is I can tell you that it is kind of like being at a circus on steroids. There is dancing, gymnasts/acrobats, singers, and magicians. There are no amateurs here, and since this is a long term show there are also a lot of amazing affects going on as well through out the entire performance. If you are going to Las vegas and want to take in a show while you are there I highly recommend Mystere Cirque Du Soleil.

CHINATOWN – Is situated in the Las vegas Valley consisting of large strip malls there are owned and operated by ethnic Chinese as well as other Asian ethnicities. The architect of several of the buildings, provide viewers with a great view of the Asian culture.