A Guide To Riding The Arrow In Las Vegas

The Burgers at the Bellagio Buffet. We sometimes go to this fabulous Vegas buffet just for fantastic sliders (mini-burgers), though of course this delicious buffet offers fabulous burgers all the way through. Considering that you are in a buffet and that you can eat as many as you like, these delicious little things will fill you up and make you want to go back over and over. The meat is soft and delicious, very tasty through and through. The toppings are not too varied but they are all delicious. By far our favourite on the Vegas Strip, especially considering the great deal.

Some casinos are better than others; in general, the waitresses come around more frequently at the smaller establishments. On Fremont Street, Le Bayou, the sister casino of Mermaids, it’s difficult not to trip over a waitress taking cocktail orders. But my advice is to stick with draft beer or shots here-many of the drinks are made from mixes and can easily double as window cleaner. The Bloody Marys are literally unpalatable.

What Do i Pack – for the most part, Las vegas is a casual city and people will wear shorts and sport shirts at restaurants and the casinos during the day. Bring loose fitting cotton clothes and you’ll want sneakers or comfortable walking shoes. Even if you stay on the Strip, you will do a lot of walking as the hotels are enormous and just going from one to another just next door could be half a mile. For evening, light sport jackets for gentlemen and a dress or nice pantsuit for the ladies is expected in fine dining restaurants. If you’re going to a hot nightclub, they all have dress codes so leave the sneakers at home and prepare to look stunning. During the winter months, you’ll want a jacket or sweater for evening because it can get down into the 30’s.

A car certainly isn’t necessary in Las Vegas. Most of the hotels have free shuttles to and from the airport. Even when we drive, we end up purchasing all day bus passes. They are an unbeatable bargain; five bucks takes you from the furthest Southern tip of the Strip, and all the way north down to Fremont Street. It’s easy too-there are bus stops on almost every block, and busses arrive about every five or so minutes. An all-day bus pass is the best way to explore the entire strip. Plan it all out with one of the ubiquitous brochure maps available at all hotels, or just ride and stop on your whim. And finish your drinks before you board–no food or drinks are allowed on the bus.

At Main Street Station, the waitresses serve all varities of the beer made by the in-house brew pub, 777. I highly recommend the Belgium Ale and the Porter. It’s a very welcome break from the standard Miller Lite and Bud offerings on tap at most casinos. The El Cortez may be the best place to get tipsy, however. The waitresses here are jaded and practically run through the slot aisles throwing drinks at you, and we have had waitresses in such a rush they didn’t even stop long enough to take the tip. Unfortunately, they may have learned not to expect them here. Try to tip anyway.

If you spend over 0 in the fashion show mall before noon on Friday or Saturday, you get a shop etc. mall gift card and a free subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine. To get this offer, take your receipts to the Merry Giving Gift Zone next to the Fashion Show Mall concierge. You can tally up receipts for this offer and participate in two more offers in this mall. Between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., if you spend 0 or more at Neiman Marcus, you will receive a gift card. See a sales associate for more information. Saks Fifth Avenue has a similar offer. When you spend 0 or more in cosmetics and fragrance, you get a gift card. This offer is only valid until noon on Friday.

If you have a passion for Tequila and margaritas you might appreciate the Isla Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar. At this bar and restaurant you can get traditional Mexican food. Guests are also offered up to 90 different varieties of Tequila and blended drinks. You are served by a tastefully dressed but sexy Tequila Goddess. Who will also help you choose a tequila should you need some help.