Travel To Fabulous Las Vegas

Why not do something different! More and more Americans are gambling less and playing more while in Las Vegas. In response, Las Vegas casinos are giving away less and charging more for food and attractions than in the past in an effort to survive the current economic times. Here are a few ways to tip the balance in your favor!

Decide on which amenities are important. Hotels with pools are always fun for the family. A suite with an a separate bedroom and a pull-out sofa bed for the kids would be more private, not to mention much more comfortable than sharing a small hotel room with your children. The conveniences of a mini-fridge and microwave are essential for storing and reheating leftovers which can be eaten the following day. Cable TV or DVD players for your children’s favorite movies (brought from home) are always helpful during downtime.

Sunday, November 21st, at 7:15 p.m. Slader will teach a free yoga class with live music from Tim Catching at Lululemon in the fashion show mall. Afterwards there will be a bag-stuffing party. You can contribute by bringing items to fill bags for the homeless, such as plastic bottles of water, plastic utensils, canned food with pop-off lids, snacks, socks, gloves and toiletries.

Las Vegas Women’s Clothing is as eclectic as the visitors who come with dreams of winning jackpots. Gamblers and entertainment junkies from every corner of the globe are attracted to this city, and they bring with them not just an eye for the bright lights, but for personal style too.

Besides the great rooms Treasure Island also has some great things to do inside the hotel. Aside from shopping and midway game area you will find entertainment, nigh life and an excellent spa.

Lucy, a store that sells active wear for women, including a line of yoga clothing, is located in Town Square. Every Sunday at 9:00 a.m., the store holds either a free yoga or Pilates class. You must bring your own mat.

One way to save a lot of money on your hotel price is to plan for your holidays to Vegas during a time in which a lot of tourists don’t go. If you book your hotel in July or August during the hottest time of the year or in December before Christmas you will find that even the more expensive hotels are going to be dropping their room rates to get people to come and stay with them.

Also consider signing up for a variety of different email promotions that you can find on the different hotel websites. If you do this prior to your arrival date you will get periodic emails from these hotels that might offer you some deals that you might want to use in order to save money on accommodations, meals and maybe even some shows in town.