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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bumpdate | 26 Weeks

How Far Along: 26 weeks (6.5 months)
Size of Baby:  Eggplant (approximately 9.2 inches but still only 2 lbs)
Gender:  Boy!
Maternity Clothes:  I was able to squeeze into a pair of J. Crew pants the other day which was super exciting - even if they were not even close to being buttoned under that long and flowy top.  I was also in one of my best friends' weddings over the weekend.  I had to order the Bridesmaids dress when I was only 6 weeks pregnant, so I was so worried it wouldn't fit.  Thankfully I sized up two sizes because otherwise there is no way my new sized DD tatas would have fit!  My mom had to take the shoulders up a bit, but otherwise it fit great!
Symptoms:  Same old stuff - heartburn, achy hips/legs.  I have noticed lately that my pregnancy rhinitis (congestion) hasn't been as bad lately, so that's a positive!  Definitely makes sleeping a little bit easier.
Best Moments:  Taking part in my friends wedding was definitely a highlight this week.  I've known the bride since we were itty bitty so it was so extra special being a part of such a great weekend.  My husband kept asking me how it felt to be sober at a wedding (ha!) and it actually didn't bother me!  I had a great time celebrating even if I wasn't able to hit up the bar.  I also bought a selfie stick for the occasion and it was so much fun!  If you are heading to any weddings in the near future, I highly recommend it!  (I got this one - best $13.99 I've ever spent)
Looking Forward to:  Getting my glucose test over with!  I have that appointment next week and I just want it done with and out of the way.  Fingers crossed that I pass on the first try!

 photo d9e30b04-781f-470d-bce0-a3fb0be8922f_zpsc749dd8b.png


  1. You looked gorgeous at the wedding girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. you are just looking so cute!

    xoxo, Preeti

  3. You look so good in blue, lady! :) The bump is coming right along. Too cute!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. Love that blue dress, you look great!

    Angelina Is

  5. You looked awesome at the wedding, and also loving that blue dress with the bow belt <3