For the Love of Leopard: Bumpdate | 24 Weeks

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Bumpdate | 24 Weeks

How Far Along:  24 Weeks - 6 whole months!  These 6 months have gone by so quickly, it's crazy!! I feel like it was only yesterday I was standing in the bathroom staring unbelievingly at a positive test.  The summer always goes by SO quickly, so I know baby boy will be here before we know it!
Size of Baby:  Cantaloupe
Gender:  Little baby boy
Maternity Clothes:  I've been incorporating both maternity and non-maternity clothes into my daily outfits.  Maternity jeans are SO comfortable, so I'll pretty much exclusively wearing those moving forward - but I can still squeeze into my normal jeans/pants if I need to.  Since it's been nice and warm lately, I've been wearing a lot of dresses and maxis.
Symptoms:  This heartburn seems to be here to stay.  Some days are worse than others - like when I have tacos for dinner (oops!)
Best Moments:  Ok so you all know I am obsessed with feeling Baby A move - but this week I was able to SEE him move as well!  Jay and I were lounging on the couch and baby boy was being extra active so I pulled up my shirt and we were actually able to see my belly move with his little kicks/punches.  It was absolutely fascinating!  Love this little mover and shaker so much!
Looking Forward to:  We are heading up to Maine this upcoming weekend for Father's Day and I am so excited to see my family.  My bump has really grown since the last time I saw them and I know they'll notice a big difference.  While I'm home, my sister, mom and I are also planning to hit up Babies R Us to start the baby registry.  The whole process seems so overwhelming to me, but since my sister has two kids of her own, I figure she will be a great resource and wealth of knowledge.  Mamas - any tips or any "must have" products you couldn't live without?  I'll take all of the advice I can get!

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