For the Love of Leopard: Price Match Sale!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Price Match Sale!

Is there anything better than a Nordsrom Price Match sale?!  There are a slew of awesome items being price matched right now and I am going crazy trying to look through all the goodies.  Now is the perfect time to pick something up for your Mom (or yourself – I’m not here to judge).  Some of my fave finds (so far!) are below - I'll be updating throughout the day and also posting the best stuff to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so make sure to follow along!  Or if you are brave you can look through all the priced matched items here

 photo d9e30b04-781f-470d-bce0-a3fb0be8922f_zpsc749dd8b.png


  1. Nope, nothing better! That RB clutch is calling my name!!

    XO Chelsea

  2. I love that they do this! xo, Biana

  3. Those Jessica Simpson shoes are amazing!

    - Liz