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Friday, April 24, 2015

Bumpdate | 16 Weeks

How far along:  16 weeks (4 months!!) as of 4/16
Size of the baby:  An avocado (now I want guacamole)
Gender:  Baby Boy!  You can see all the details from our Gender Reveal here
Maternity clothes:  Still haven't bought anything (shocking!) but my pants are definitely starting to get a little tight.  It wont be too long before I'll have to invest in a couple pairs of maternity jeans.  I work in a casual office so I wear jeans pretty much every day.  I can't decide if I want to splurge and buy a designer pair since I'll be wearing them a ton or if something cheaper makes more sense.  Any advice?  I'm especially loving these two pairs from Shopbop:

Craving:  Still got nothing - but I had a check up this morning and I've gained 4 lbs so I must be doing something right!
Symptoms:  Aside from the chronic congestion that I talked about last week, I'm feeling great!  
Looking forward to:  Our 20 week ultrasound so we can see how much our little man has grown!  
Best moments:  Making (or trying to make) the transition from calling baby an "it" to a "he".  I keep saying "it this" and "it that" before I catch myself!  I have to keep reminding myself that "it" is a boy and it's no longer a secret.  Time to start using the appropriate pronouns :)

 photo d9e30b04-781f-470d-bce0-a3fb0be8922f_zpsc749dd8b.png


  1. Such a cute little bump! Often when I'm browsing shopbop I find maternity jeans cuter than the regular jeans they have on their site. Love your picks!

  2. I love that your nails match baby boys gender :) xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Looking good girl! So glad you are feeling well. Have a great weekend!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  4. I didn't know you were having a boy! Congratulations!!

  5. Ahhhh so exciting youre having a little boy!! Congrats! Your bump is still so tiny, love it!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  6. So exciting! You are looking so cute!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Your little bump is so cute and perfect! :) You are lucky you don't have many cravings yet - I had them bad, and always for sweet (and unhealthy!) stuff. Funny though, my little boy prefers savoury foods like veggies and isn't a fan of all of the chocolate I felt compelled to eat during pregnancy ;)

    I ended up just getting jeans from the same company that makes my favourite regular jeans, which worked out really well for me as I could score them on sale so they weren't too expensive. I think it might be better to buy a few slightly cheaper pairs so you can rotate around, rather than just one or two designer pairs. Especially if you are pregnant over summer - you might find it too hot for jeans.

    Away From The Blue

  8. you look so cute, this little man is growing fast. My best friend got a couple of maternity jeans at around 5 months, I say get one cheap one first to see how you grow into it.

  9. Such a cute baby bump! You look fabulous!
    xo, Jane

  10. You are just too cute!! You are still so stinkin tiny--and that bump is adorable!! The blue nails are such a cute touch :)


  11. Love these updates. Keep them coming! So glad you are feeling well. I have no official say in any of this as I haven't done it before, but I say invest in some good jeans especially if you wear them to work too. I bet you can find some good ones on eBay.

    Amy Ann
    Now blogging at my new site Straight A Style

  12. I really love your style. It's awesome. Now I don't want to miss any news from you. I'm definitely your reader. And, of course, it will be cool `if you read my blog as well!

  13. Aw yay, you are so cute!! I had a pair of LOFT maternity jeans that I really loved. I literally only had one pair that I wore on repeat, because I'm cheap and didn't want to spend a ton of money just for a few months of wear.

    Thanks for sharing your baby updates, they're so fun to read!

    pumps and push-ups

  14. You look beautiful! Congratulations on your baby boy coming!
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