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Friday, January 16, 2015

Borrowed from the Hubs

Sweater - J. Crew (borrowed from Jay; similar) | Button Down - Gap (similar) | Leather Leggings - H&M (lots of options here) | Pumps - Lands End (similar; similar) | Beanie - Target (on sale for $3.48 and comes in a bunch of cute colors)

Totally stole this grey oversized wool sweater from the Hubs.  His closet was a mess, so we tore it all down and are starting fresh.  In the mean time he is keeping some of his clothes in my closet (it's amazing I was able to clear some space for him) and I just could not resist raiding his sweater collection.  This snuggly sweater was calling my name from the top of the pile.  To avoid looking like a complete bum, I donned my leather leggings and some fab bordeaux pumps.  Also stolen from the Hubs?  This grey beanie.  I should note that I stole the idea to steal the Hubs hat from Kacie at Kacie's Kloset so basically I'm just a kleptomaniac stealing stuff left and right.  This hat is only a couple of dollars (literally.  It's $3.48), so I really should just buy my own but where's the fun in that? 
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  1. I'm sure he doesn't mind since you look so adorable wearing it!

  2. Only you could make something borrowed from the hubs look so cute!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  3. Your husband has great taste! I love that sweater with the plaid shirt underneath! The beanie is perfect too!

  4. I looooooooooove this casual look, and the use of the beanie is perfect!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  5. Such a great look! And loving your shoes!
    xo Southern Style

  6. Beautiful outfit, love it so much !

    Kiss ! Yuyu

  7. This is so cute! I love the idea of borrowing from the boys--I think the only thing I've stolen from Seth lately is a pair of cozy socks (the man has a crazy amount of colorful socks!). Love the beanie too!

  8. Such a comfy look! Jazzed up with those leggings though!!! Adore it

    xo | The Fashion Forecast

  9. Gosh. I wish I had a guy to steal oversized clothing from, but alas I do not! I feel like my wardrobe is starting to divide in half: oversized and not oversized haha. Oh well!

    Ohio Stripes

  10. Gorgeous outfit, you look amazing! <3

    I have a new outfit post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts;

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  11. Love the sweater/flannel combo with the beanie! Perfect winter outfit! xo Andrea

    Boho Bunnie

  12. I have borrowed a sweatshirt and a couple of shirts from my husband also. Love how you styled this. The beanie is adorable on you. As always with your plaid and necklaces I love the plaid shirt and statement necklace you are wearing. =)

  13. Love the color scheme! I, too, borrow from my husband! Love the look.

    xoox, Preeti

  14. Great way to get that oversized sweater look for free!! Cute look!! :)


  15. An oversized sweater is just so comfy! I wear a giant sweatshirt to bed! You look so cute!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  16. your right our hair does look similar! Who did you go to -- I am in love with Ashley she did such a great job!

  17. Super Cute look girl! No better place to get stuff from than the other closet in your house! Love the colors and you look so pretty! I just crawled out from under my rock and realized you are doing a link up! So exciting! I added it to my list so I will be joining the party!