For the Love of Leopard: How I Got This Old Navy Haul for Free

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Monday, October 27, 2014

How I Got This Old Navy Haul for Free

I didn't get my first credit card until a couple of years ago and when I did, I did a lot of research on which card I wanted to get.  I knew I wanted something with a great reward program and Discover seemed to fit the bill.  With Discover, you get 5% cash back bonus in rotating categories that change quarterly.  The categories range from Restaurants & Movies to (my personal favorite) Department Stores.  Aside from the 5%, you get up to 1% cash back on every purchase you make.  I literally charge everything to this one credit card, so my rewards add up fast and I've racked up nearly $700 in FREE MONEY in just over 2 years.  Click here to become a Discover cardmember.  

There are a couple of ways you can redeem your rewards:
  • Get a statement credit to your Discover account
  • Get a direct deposit to your bank account
  • Donate your cash back balance to charity
  • Get a Discover gift card with free shipping and no fees
  • Last by certainly not least, my favorite option is to redeem my cash back bonus for partner gift cards.  There are a lot of great retailers that participate including Gap, Banana Republic, Neiman Marcus, Piperlime and of course Old Navy.  For $80 in Discover rewards, you get a $100 gift card to Old Navy - so you are getting 20% off your purchase right off the bat. 
Ok so now onto the point of this post.  Old Navy has been amazing this season - they have insane sales what seems like every day and they have some seriously adorable clothes.  I've been cashing in my Discover Rewards for ON gift cards left and right.  (Literally though, I'm a little embarrassed to admit I've gotten 3 $100 gift cards in the past two months.  But that is $300 worth of clothes that only cost me $240 Discover reward points, which are free #totallyjustifiable).   I have been holding off on purchasing anything since my haul a month or so ago, but the prices during today's sale were so low I couldn't resist.  I cashed in $80 of Discover rewards for $100 gift card to Old Navy and ordered the following: 
 Red Buffalo Plaid Shirt - $16 | Grey Flannel Popover - $9.57 | Striped Textured Sweater - $9.57 Bright White Oxford - $13.60 | Red Flannel Popover - $9.57 | Chiffon Shirt Dress - $9.57 | Striped Jersey Hoodie - $9.60 | Light Pink Oxford - $13.60

Jealous of my free haul?  Click here to become a Discover cardmember and you’ll get $50 Cashback Bonus with your 1st purchase within 3 months! 
This is not a sponsored post.  I really do love the Discover cash back program and use my Discover Card religiously.  If you sign up through my links, I will earn a commission through Discover's Referral program.
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  1. I am so going to shopping this weekend! I never thought of using my discover points on gift cards. SMH Idk how I never thought of that. Thanks for sharing girly!


  2. This is so cool! My mom uses this similar to the American Express points. These clothes are so cute!

  3. What a great idea! Old Navy has been killing it lately :)

    Fishbowl Fashion

  4. Sounds like a great rewards program!

  5. WOW Discover is indeed a great card. So jealous of your gorgeous ON Haul. Everything is something I would want and would wear, like ASAP.

    P.S. I just linked up to your monthly Halloween Link-up too, by the way. =))