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Friday, August 8, 2014

Make Those Clothes Look & Feel Even Better

Today I’m doing something I’ve never done before and handing the blog over to one of my very best friends so she can share the incredible success she has had on a 30 day cleanse.  She’s only on day 10 and has already lost 7 pounds!  Incredible!  I don’t want this to come across as a sales pitch, and I wouldn’t be posting here on the blog if Lindsey wasn’t 100% genuine.  She truly believes in this product and has had great results so far.  She is incredibly driven and motivated and really wants to help other people feel as great as she feels.  Please read her story below, and feel free to shoot her an email if you are interested in more information!  Take it away Linz….      
 After listening to my girlfriend and running partner for 6 months about how good she felt, I finally decided to jump on board and do a 30 day cleanse/high nutrition program.  I've been on lots of meds the last 3 months and I was ready to give my body a fresh clean start/reboot.
I wasn't signing up 100% for weight loss, as I ALREADY ate EXTREMELY healthy and I exercise a lot.  I’ve been the same weight for a while, so I was convinced that this is where my body likes to be.  I signed up for the program to feel good and to cleanse my body.

I am now 10 days into the program.  I have lost 7 pounds, 11.5 inches.  I have NEVER EVER been this small EVER!  I feel absolutely AMAZING and my energy is through the ROOF!  The craziest part is, I haven't had ANY COFFEE!!!!  Before I started this program, I lived for coffee and drank up to 4 cups a day.  Now I don't need it!!!! The energy I get from the fuel I put in my body is a better kind of energy! 

The program is an organic "food system" that takes a balanced lifestyle approach to better supporting the body's natural cleansing and replenishing needs. It is NOT a "diet" BUT a sustainable "lifestyle", NOT a "weight-loss program" BUT a "body composition system" that builds muscle while burning fat, and NOT a "fast or detox program" BUT a "nutritional cleanse" that supports the body's natural cleansing/replenishing processes with whole-food nutrition. As the world's first & ONLY "total body, deep cellular nutritional cleansing and replenishing system" it delivers many unique and diverse benefits for EVERY single cell and organ system from athletes to non-athletes. Being such a comprehensive system adaptable to ALL ages and goals it is difficult to simplify too much beyond this. What I love most are the results; more energy, better sleep, more lean muscle, faster recovery, stronger performance and less body fat!! I use a variety of products daily from vitamins to shakes along with others that fit my needs.

If you are interested & want to customize a program to meet your needs, touch base with me!  I am embarking on the business side of things to spread the word.  I had no intentions of that at the beginning but I would love to grow my team and help so many people feel as amazing as I do!  My Coach and her husband have kept their weight off for 6 months.  It's a complete lifestyle change that you will NEVER want to stop.   

If you are interested in hearing more about the program, please email me at or find me on Facebook at Lindsey Lee Tryon.

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