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Thursday, February 20, 2014

What a Stud

Today's outfit is all about the sweater,  which is covered in fabulous gold studs.  While the sweater would have looked great on it's own, I piled a few layers on for added detail and interest.  The necklace was a steal from the Target clearance section ($5!!!!) and the scarf was just begging to be worn with this gingham shirt.  While they aren't the same exact shade of green, they are in the same family so they "go" without being matchy matchy.

 And you may have noticed, but I cannot get enough of these jeans.  I have to actively stop myself from wearing them every single day.  I got them at the Gap Outlet just after Christmas, but I'm 99% sure that this is the same pair...and I kind of want to buy know, just in case my other pair is dirty.
 Sweater - Express (option, optionoption, option) | Gingham Shirt - TJ Maxx (option
| Scarf - Gift (option, option) | Tassel Necklace - Target (option, option) | Jeans - GAP (option, option) | Booties - Target (option) | Turquoise Bracelet - Banana Outlet (option, option) | Watch - Burberry 

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