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Monday, January 20, 2014

For the Love of Football

This time of year is always hard for me.  The Patriots' season has come to an end.  And when the season doesn't end in a Super Bowl victory, it ends in heartache.  And as much as it sucks losing to Peyton Manning (and boy does it SUCK), I can't help but feel anything but pride for my team.  Before the season even started, one of their star TE's got thrown in the slammer.  They lost their defensive captain to a torn achilles in September.  And shortly after returning to the field from back/forearm injuries, their powerhouse TE was back on the bench with a torn ACL (miss you Gronk).  It seemed like during every game there was a new injury.  But week after week they prevailed.  And for the EIGHTH time in the Brady era, they made it to the AFC Championship game.  This year, it just wasn't in the cards.  So yeah, I'm bummed.  I'm sad.  I'm not turning on ESPN for the next few weeks (err months).  But I love my team and I'm as proud as ever to be a Pats fan.  And you best believe I'll be routing for Seattle come next Sunday (except for Sherman - I hope he gets his ass handed to him).

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