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Monday, January 27, 2014

Borrowed from the Boys

 This buffalo check shirt is another one of my finds from the men's section of Gap. (BTW, I didn't even realize this pattern had a name - other than gingham - until I saw it on Instagram the other day.  Learn something new everyday.) See what I mean about the awesome fit?!  The sleeves are long enough to cuff a few times while still being a full length sleeve!  All of my women's button downs end up being 3/4 sleeves by the time I roll them, which is fine...but when it's -2 degrees out, I want all the coverage I can get.
 Another awesome part about shopping in the men's department is that the clearance rack is chock full of shirts just like this!  Because how many men do you know that wear an XS?!  So while all of the cute women's stuff in my size was picked over, the guys section was overflowing with really cute shirts in XS.  Score!  And while I was perusing the men's section, I even found some stuff for the hubs.  Win, win!
 Buffalo Check Shirt - GAP Outlet (option; option) | Striped Tunic - LOFT (option; option; option) | Flats - Target (option) | Necklace - Mindy Mae's Market | Watch - Burberry

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  1. I love getting button downs from the men's section... they just have better prints sometimes!!
    Cute blog!!

    1. Yes, they totally do! It's nice to have a variety. Thanks for checking out the blog! xoxo

  2. Great tip to look in the men's section--definitely trying that the next time I'm on the hunt for a button-up!

    1. Definitely do! The boys section can be good as well :) Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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