Travel to Fabulous Las Vegas

Artiste del Rate performs at a few locations in the mall throughout the day from around noon ’til 6 p.m. You can catch more shows around St. Mark’s Square than anywhere else though. This is a professional troupe of singers, actors and entertainers that offer a variety of unique and exciting entertainment.

If you’re not big on buffets, another option may be to shop at the local grocery store to buy simple breakfast items such as cereal, pastries, and milk to store in your room’s mini fridge. You can also buy sandwich deli items for a simple lunch in. Eating breakfast or lunch in your hotel room can easily replace a hefty sit-down meal or buffet tab.

The most significant way you can enjoy Las Vegas women’s clothing, though, is to hit up the fashion show mall where you will not only find a great collection of designer shops but more importantly discount and outlet retailers. Celebrate the world’s most exciting city with the world’s greatest designers all at discount prices.

You will not have to worry about going hungry in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Strip, and its surrounding area, offers an array of restaurants to choose from. Most casinos also offer full buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The best news is that Las Vegas is a twenty-four-hour city. Many casino restaurants are open around the clock, perfect for a meal after a night of gambling or nightclub hopping.

BOULDER CITY -This place provides a great atmosphere with a beautiful historic charm. You can take a stroll down Main Street and visit numerous unique boutiques. There is also a Majestic Golf Course and the Hoover Dam is only minutes away.

A little detour into Caesars Palace, and over to the Augustus Tower, will find you at the Neil Leifer Gallery. Gallery admission is free, and this just may be the bribe you need to keep the interest of the sport enthusiast in your family. Neil is an award-winning photographer who focuses on sports history. His pictures have been used in magazines like Time, People, and Sports Illustrated. The opportunity to see larger than life pictures, like Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston, Secretariat winning the Kentucky Derby, and even the classic of President John F Kennedy throwing out the first pitch in 1961, may be just the thing to win the day.

I recently took my first trip to Las Vegas and learned quite a bit about how to make my vacation better. I hope these tips will help you plan your Las Vegas vacation and have a wonderful time.